Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#HelpandSupport : What can YOU do?

The following 
+Spotify  Playlist

is a compilation of songs that over the years have 
Helped and Supported me
get through some of the most
difficult times in my life.

No one is perfect.
We all fall down at times in our lives.
For some
Asking for Help and Support is easy
for others it is the most difficult thing to do.

What if it was as easy as posting

a simple way to post online that you are
in need of Help and Support
and that
people know what is the correct way to
respond to someone that has posted that out.

For more info and detailed analysis
on why these songs where chosen
please click here
Luke Maniskas Inquirer : #helpandsupport WordPress (Password Protected)

The Password Protected Blog is directed more to people
Over the age of 18

Monday, August 11, 2014

Native Advertising: A John Oliver Review


The Following Video by 
John Oliver on Last Week Tonight
uploaded on +YouTube

In the interest of full disclosure
i am using a 
to write this +Blogger 
currently on the +Google Chrome Browser

As i sit having just drank my +コカ・コーラ  or that's +Coca-Cola 

And having eaten some +Chipotle Mexican Grill  with some +Bud Light  to follow after.

of course i paid using my +PayPal  that was connected to my 
+American Express that was linked to my +Bank of America account.

I had just come back from +Lollapalooza , i was not ready to go to
+Lollapalooza Chile just yet this year.

As i sat down on my +IKEA USA furniture i tuned in
on my 
+Samsung USA Television
and using my 
+Samsung Mobile USA #GalaxyS5 Phone with #Gear
i started to watch the show.

Having finished watching the show.
i thought.
this is wrong
surely such institutions like
+National Geographic 
would not do this or 
+National Geographic Education 

Do not tell me this is happening in 
+Washington Post and +The New Yorker or even
+The New York Times 

Is this really going on in +USA TODAY or +NBC News or +Los Angeles Times 
i could totally understand if shows like
+The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 
did this or 
+Saturday Night Live 

If it was not for all the apps i had downloaded on
+Google Play i never would have been able to 
look up these things on my phone.
You do not think +Rolling Stone would do this?
with say +Red Hot Chili Peppers and +Red Bull 
or even +Rolling Stone Brasil and +Rolling Stone México 

and to think +New York Observer could 
possibly be out there making some form of 
"Native Advertisement"
+The New York Public Library 
or even the 
+New York Film Academy 
just be careful for the 
Native ad from 
+New York Life Insurance Company 

As if id fall for that "Native Advertisement"
 i would have to insure all those things
+Dolce & Gabbana gave me for free
to advertise in my News Paper
or the stuff from +Tommy Hilfiger and 
+Bed Bath & Beyond 

I just find it difficult to believe places like
+TechCrunch or +Pete Cashmore  from +Mashable 
or +Android Authority  or +Robert Scoble would be 
using some form of 
"Native Advertisement"
within there business Models and Blogs and sites like

No way would shows like 
+Hawaii Five-0 +NCIS and +NCIS: Los Angeles 
use product placement with in there shows
of say major Computer Models for Characters.

or would +BONES or +Castle or +New Girl 
use a Rival Computer company to have product placement
in the shows.
+Toyota USA  *cough* "Prius"

And as i had decided to not fly +American Airlines but rather
travel by +Amtrak back from Chicago i remembered 

what i saw in the +Chicago Tribune and something about
the +Chicago Mayor's Office statement about
+Chicago Blackhawks 
and how next to it was a advertisement for 
+Chicago P.D. and +Chicago Fire and +Chicago White Sox 
and i thought, dam, i just got fooled for some
"native advertisement"

and i now remember looking around at people reading both the
+Cosmopolitan Italia and +Cosmopolitan UK versions
also +PEOPLE and +WhoSay 
and started to wonder
just how much
"Native Advertisement"

is out there

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+Luke Maniskas 
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Monday, August 4, 2014

WAR: What is it Good For? Absolutely nothings, sing it again....

I was going to write something

But then i thought
why write something
when men and women 
of far greater importance than i have already
elegantly stated my case.

(most quotes found on Brainy Quote or Notable Quotes)

"The first casualty when war comes is truth."
Hiram Johnson/Aeschylus

"War may sometimes be a necessary evil.
 But no matter how necessary, 
it is always an evil, never a good. 
We will not learn how to live together in peace 
by killing each other's children."
Jimmy Carter

"I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

This Blog is Quotes Only
(as it is directed more to people aged 13-18
for Education Purposes)

if you would like to read a more in depth look
these quotes and why they were chosen please 
read this 

And how they can relate to the Events going on 
around the world Today.